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Open/Sitting Volleyball

Open Membership - A new volleyball experience


Open Membership will be everyone's base membership; you can be an open member and still be part of (be a player for) other clubs/teams. Open Membership gives you access to loads of volleyball activities and club events; simply take a look at the images to find out more.

Open sessions from the 1st of August will be:

Thursday - Under18 Open Training - 17:40 - 19:00 - Dean Trust Ardwick school - £4 Pay-As-You-Go

Saturday - Open Training - 15:30 - 17:00 - Dean Trust Ardwick school - £4 Pay-As-You-Go

Sunday - Sitting Volleyball and Beginners - 11:30 - 13:00 - Dean Trust Ardwick School - £3 Sitting / £4 Beginner Pay-As-You-Go

Open Membership is also available (instead of paying as you go to each individual session). With Open Membership there is no limit to how many open sessions you can attend:

Monthly membership - £22 Adult, £16 Junior/Student


Anyone can attend the above open sessions as long as they have filled in either the Open or Junior Membership Form as appropriate (links below for those who haven't already filled it in) and read our risk assessments:

Open Membership Form

Junior (Under 18) Form


Risk Assessments

Open Training rules/regulations:

  • Attendees must be over 16 years old

  • Attendees need to have filled in the Open membership form (or the Junior membership form if they are 16-18 years old)

  • Appropriate footwear is required (trainers or court shoes)

  • Appropriate clothing is required (sportswear)

  • Do not arrive before the start time of the session; we are not allowed into the school building before the start of a session. If players keep entering the school before our allocated time, bookings are going to be taken away and we won't be allowed to play there any more.

  • If you do not follow the above rules/regulations, you will not be allowed to take part in the sessions

Phases - We have attached an image showing the activities we are running. Activities covered by the Open membership are highlighted in yellow. This is subject to change as we await confirmation from our venue.


If you're interested in taking part in any of our open sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us by submitting the form on the Contact page, or e-mailing us directly at and we will add you to our mailing list and send you more information.

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