Charity's Purpose

Provide sporting opportunities to improve health and fitness, develop education opportunities and to engage in the diverse and hard-to-reach communities of Manchester through the use of volleyball. Creating more opportunities for more people, no matter who they are and what background they come from, to become involved in sport and physical activity. Promote the sport of Volleyball as an inclusive community activity by striving to provide multiple facets of the game, including Indoor, Beach and Sitting Volleyball.

To carry out our purpose, we will engage in charitable, health, sport and education related projects by delivering sports-specific and educational sessions within the local community. These sessions will be tailored to suit the needs of the particular group of people we will be working with. The Charity will raise awareness and educate both the participants and the local community of both the benefits of volleyball as an inclusive sport but also the general interests of sport and physical activity on the body, mind and wellbeing.

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