Open League

We're excited to announce the start of the outdoor Open League this coming Saturday, 5th of June 2021.


The Open League will take place every Saturday 13:00 - 16:00 at Alexandra Park. Anyone 16 and over can play; we will set up different levels of competition each week (Beginner, Local League and National League), depending on who is attending. You don't have to attend every Saturday in order to take part, you can play any and as many Saturdays as you can/want to.



  • Once everyone has arrived and warmed up, you will be put into mixed teams of 4 (2 men, 2 women); some teams may have a substitute if numbers don't add up (substitutes will be roll on, roll off).

  • Each week you will play in a different team with different players. 

  • Matches will be two sets to 15 points and then one to 10 points if needed.

  • Match rules will be indoor volleyball rules.

  • Each week teams will play a minimum of 4 matches.

  • In each match played, one point will be given to each player from the losing team, two points to each player from the winning team.

  • The points you earn each week in your different teams will be recorded against your name on a league table of all the players in the league (Three league tables: Beginner, Local League, National League).

  • At the end of the summer season (end of August) awards will be presented to the players with the most points in each league.

If the outdoor open league is successful/popular, we will run indoor 6-a-side Open Leagues in September - December and again in January - April, with awards presented at an end of season awards night of some kind.



Pay-as-you-go: £6 on arrival (if you don't have Open Membership)


It's worth getting Open Membership if you plan to attend regularly, or plan to attend open training sessions as well as the open league. Open membership allows you to attend all open sessions (training, league, sitting volleyball) at no extra cost. You can even participate for 2 months (June and July) for free if you pay upfront for the indoor season (August - May).


Monthly membership (to start the month when you start playing)

- £22 Adult

- £16 Junior/Student




Indoor season membership (outdoor season free) 

- £220 Adult

- £160 Junior/Student


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Open League Tables_20210613_Beginner
Open League Tables_20210613_Beginner

Open League Tables_20210613_LL
Open League Tables_20210613_LL

Open League Tables_20210613_NVL
Open League Tables_20210613_NVL

Open League Tables_20210613_Beginner
Open League Tables_20210613_Beginner