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Manchester Marvels Volleyball 2015 - 16 Awards winners announced

The club would like to congratulate everyone for another successful season, especially the winners of the MMV awards for 2015 - 16, as voted by the club members! The winners were announced at the MMV end of year awards dinner. Thank you to all who attended the meal and night out; we had a great time and would like to thank Melie and Ula for helping organise this years event. For those who couldn't make the end of year dinner, here is the list of awards winners:

Most Improved Players:

MMM - Weronika Gutowska

MMS - Melie; MMV - Paul Kershaw

MAM - Lito Fouki; MM1 - Chris Speers

Most Valuable Players:

MMM - Hannah Meurer

MMS - Angela Leo; MMV - Domonic Wilson

MAM - Maria Mitilinaiou; MM1 - Ancelin Borel

James Mercer Dive of the year: Paul Kershaw

Women's Super 7:

Setter - Alice Walton; Opposite - Maria Mitilinaiou; Outside - Eli Gosheva; Outside - Alice Lanzotti; Middle - Alia Paschali; Middle - Lito Fouki; Libero - Angela Leo

Men's Super 7:

Setter - Seb Serayet; Opposite - Domonic Wilson; Outside - Florian; Outside - Tom Atkinson; Middle - Paul Kershaw; Middle - Zac Sinclair; Libero - Josh Earp

Banter Award: Dan Jarman


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