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Manchester Marvels Colours Cup 2017 and Club Awards 2017

Manchester Marvels Volleyball would like to thank Didsbury Sports Ground Ltd for letting us be a part of their Family Fun Weekend, during which we held the Manchester Marvels Colours Cup for the first time!

Three teams competed in our 6-a-side outdoor tournament on Saturday 12th of August at Didsbury Sports Ground. Congratulations to the Blue team for winning the tournament! Blue team players were: Adrian Arranz, Syed Arief, Stacey Ashburner, Jenny Hyde, Daniel Jarman and Christopher Speers. Well done guys!

Following a lovely day of playing volleyball, Manchester Marvels held our annual Club Awards for the 2016-2017 season at the Didsbury Sports Ground Clubhouse. Thank you to everyone who attended and congratulations to all of the winners. Club Awards 2017 Winners are:

Men's 1st team MVP: Tom Atkinson

Men's 1st team MIP: Joe Gosling

Men's 2nd team MVP: Tunde Oyinloye

Men's 2nd team MIP: Alex Potapovs

Men's 3rd team MVP: Alex Potapovs

Men's 3rd team MIP: Stefano Scrocco

Women's 1st team MVP: Elitsa Gosheva

Women's 1st team MIP: Tania Munoz

Women's 2nd team MVP: Federica Bottiglione

Women's 2nd team MIP: Lydia Marsh

Women's 3rd team MVP: Ula Uryszek

Women's 3rd team MIP: Sibylle Languy

James Mercer Stunning Dive Award: Dominic Willson

James Mercer Awkward Dive Award: Dominic Willson

Men's Super 7s: Tom Atkinson, Dominic Willson, Paul Kershaw, Joe Gosling, Chris Speers, Andy Styan and Florian Robert

Women's Super 7s: Alice Walton, Hannah Mallinson, Alia Paschali, Stacey Ashburner, Elitsa Gosheva, Tania Munoz and Luci Pocinkova

Manchester Marvels Club MVP: Daniel Jarman

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