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2021-2022 Season Update

Hi everyone,

We have now received information about the National League and Sitting Grand Prix competitions. So we thought it was the right time to update you all on the upcoming season, team trials and training sessions.

First of all, we are pleasantly surprised with how many of you have attended sessions with the Club, it's amazing to see so many playing volleyball. Attendance has been so high at indoor open training on a Wednesday that we are going to have to ask that team players don't attend Wednesday open training for the few weeks while we are at Platt Lane Sports Complex (August 18th, August 25th and September 1st). There isn't room for both open/social players and team players, we don't want to go too far beyond the Covid-19 guidelines. We will be returning to Dean Trust Ardwick from Saturday 18th September, where we can set up two courts and fit team players in.

Trials for teams will be on Wednesday 8th of September and Wednesday 15th of September at Trinity Sports Centre (Cambridge Street, Hulme, Manchester M15 6HP). Men's will be 19:00-20:30, Women's 20:30-22:00. All Local League players are invited to attend these, along with anyone wishing to join a team for this season.

Please help us find a sponsor/supporter or sponsors/supporters to help us cover team expenses. Our Club's mission is to give everyone the opportunity to take part in volleyball and we want to make sure finances are not a barrier to taking part.

Please also find below the National Cup draw for men's and women's. With regards to the National Cup teams, 1a and 1b players will be playing for the 1st team, 2s players will be playing for the 2nd team, with local league players filling in any available spots.

Now that Volleyball England have announced the Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix dates, we need to know who is interested in playing in the Sitting Volleyball team, as well as their availability for each of the dates, so we know which ones to enter a team for (each Grand Prix is entered individually). The Club will cover the entry fee cost and players will only need to cover their travel expenses on the day. Please get in touch via our website or via email to if you're interested in playing Sitting Volleyball with us!

Simply get in touch if you have any questions.


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