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Return to Indoor Volleyball Confirmed

Hi everyone,

You may have heard that our venue, Dean Trust Ardwick, will not be opening until the 6th of September. But don't panic, we have secured bookings at Platt Lane Sports Complex from the 4th of August. Please take a look at the updated return to play Phases attached.

For August, all Tuesday trainings will remain outside, as will Open training on Thursdays and Open league on Saturdays.

As we can only set up one court at Platt Lane, team sessions are by invite only. We will be assessing numbers throughout August and running trials at the beginning of September to fill available spots. There will definitely be spaces available, so come down to Open sessions in the meantime and get yourself prepared for trials.

Volleyball England have started National League team registration and they are aiming to start the National Leagues at the beginning of October. We will soon be organising fixtures, so please let us know if you will be away for any extended time over the season.

Another big announcement: we are ready to start Sitting Volleyball! Training sessions for July and August will be every Saturday, 12:30 - 14:00 at Trinity Sports Centre (full venue details below) starting this Saturday 17th of July.

Trinity Sports Centre

Cambridge Street



M15 6HP Sitting Volleyball will be returning to our full training schedule from Monday 6th of September, which will now include three sitting volleyball sessions: two sessions open to anyone and one session for Grand Prix team players only. Again, please see attached Phase 3 and Phase 4 images for more information.

Now that sports hall bookings have been confirmed, we are focusing on supporting our teams and projects.

If anyone can help us find sponsorship/support to contribute towards covering match day expenses, that would be amazing. Match day costs include referees at home matches and transport and accommodation for away matches. A big part of our club is to make volleyball accessible to all; in order to do this successfully, we need as much support as possible to keep playing costs down.

We already have some volunteers for the Sitting volleyball, but we are also looking for other volunteers to help successfully run our projects:

  • Junior Lead - Arrange friendly games, organise teams for tournaments, arrange transport

  • Open Operational Group and Sitting Operational Group

  • Open Captain and Sitting Captain - Point of contact for players. Arrange coaching (assign as many coaches from within the club as you feel the project needs), enter teams in tournaments (informing members of tournaments they can enter, asking the Club Committee to enter in specific tournaments), feedback to the Club Committee (progress report, anything you need to improve the sessions, etc)

  • Open Membership and Sitting Membership - Ensure all participants have completed membership forms (either club or pay-as-you-go), take registers at sessions, collect pay-as-you-go money, feedback to the Club Treasurer to keep track of active memberships.

  • Open Media and Sitting Media - Post about the project on the Club's social media accounts, create blog/news stories, regularly update sponsors/supporters of the project (make them part of the project).

  • Indoor Open League Representative / Organiser - Assigning players to teams at the open league and maintaining a spreadsheet/record/league table of participants' points.

Thank you all in advance and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you playing volleyball!


Alia Paschali

Manchester Marvels Volleyball Club Secretary

on behalf of Manchester Marvels Volleyball


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