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Outdoor Open League Winners

Back in June, we got awarded funding which allowed us to buy outdoor nets and balls in order to return to play. A very successful part of our outdoor activities was our weekly Open League! We had a grand total of 90 players attend the Open League over the course of the summer (thankfully not all at the same time!) and the atmosphere was always great. The Outdoor Open League finale was on Saturday 11th of September 2021 and we are very happy to announce our league winners!

Congratulations to:

Beginner League: Kelechi Bell (80 points)

Local League: John Lloyd Done (81 points)

National League: Dan Birch and Toby Reeves Hall (78 points each)

Overall Winner (Top Scorer): John Lloyd Done (81 points), pictured below with his awards

Following up on the success of the Outdoor Open League, the Indoor Open League will now take place every Saturday 13:00 - 15:00 (except on Saturday the 2nd of October, when it will instead take place on the following day, Sunday the 3rd at 16:00) at Dean Trust Ardwick School. Anyone aged 16 and over can play, as long as they have filled in the Open Membership Form:

Click here for more information.

The table below shows the top 20 players with the most points from all three leagues.


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